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Hanover Looks to Put a Tower on Wilshire Boulevard

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Even though Houston, Texas-based developer Hanover is putting up that apartment complex along the Wilshire Corridor, we all know the developer shelved plans for their Santa Monica Boulevard development, a project would have taken out that early Frank Gehry building. What hasn't been shelved: Wilshire and Crescent Heights (one block west of Fairfax) Hanover's 21-story tower. The project's draft environmental impact report was released last month. Contingent on getting entitlements, the building "is going forward and is probably a year or two out [in terms of ground-breaking]," Don Getman, principal at GMP Architects, tells us. And if that flip on the top of the building reminds you of downtown's 717 Olympic, another Hanover project, that's actually a different architect, RTKL Associates. Meanwhile, the city has seen a lot of six-story and four-story buildings rise along this section of Wilshire Blvd, but this 21-story tower is definitely higher than anything that's been proposed lately.

According to the report, the project, which would rise at 6245 Wilshire Boulevard, site of a Wells Fargo bank, would offer 158 residential units (still undecided whether these will be apartments or condos), 6,850 square feet of ground level retail. This project is the latest residential project to rise construction along this stretch of Wilshire (another recent project is the Wilshire La Brea building).

Meanwhile, it'll be interesting to see how people react to the height of the project. The Draft EIR makes mention of other tall buildings in the area, but those are primarily commercial towers.

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