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Something's Being Built! Santa Monica Blvd Project Rising in West LA

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Life goes on after the downturn. Details are scarce, but a representative with Wiseman Development says that demolition of a one-story structure that housed offices for the National Council of Jewish Women has started, and that construction will eventually begin on a new residential project. At one point, Wiseman was trying to sell this project--called Santa Monica Plaza, a 60-unit plus retail development--but they've now taken it off the market and decided to continue with construction. Just west of the 405, this corner is served by three bus lines (two Metro routes, and a Big Blue line), and is near a bike lane. Globe Street reported earlier this year that Beverly Hills-based Maxxam Enterprises was also the developer, and Killefer-Flammang the architect, but it's not clear who is still involved at this point (they all may be).
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