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Rumormongering: Schindler Van Dekker Close to Sale

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It seems the Schindler-designed Van Dekker residence in Woodland Hills has finally been chopped enough. Now listed at $595,000 (barely more than land value) and down from its initial asking price of just under a million dollars, the offers are finally starting to roll in. According to agent Brian Linder, the house now has four offers, and is expecting two more. Yes, some are developers looking for a tear-down, others are hoping to restore the house, which is in admittedly rough shape. Let's hope the owners (a trustee of the estate) cares enough to put it in the hands of a steward who will work to restore it, rather than tear it down. According to Kimberli Meyer of the MAK Center, the house is relatively untouched in terms of alterations, but needs plenty of TLC to rehab it.
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