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Planning Department, Meet East Hollywood's Bungalows

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Earlier this week, the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council sent out a press release saying that it was " endorsing a historic bungalow court district in East Hollywood." Above are some of the bungalows, which are located on Hobart Blvd, De Longpre Ave and Fountain Ave. The release noted the significance of the homes, stating that the demand for the residences was partially fueled by Fox Studios opening facilities back in 1913 at Sunset and Western. The release also noted quoted Brian Curran, of preservation group Hollywood Heritage Foundation, who "noted that hundreds of these old bungalow courts once dotted the streets of Hollywood, but many were torn down in the 1970’s to make way for large-scale development."

But what does East Hollywood NC's move mean exactly? Do they want a historic-preservation designation? "It's really just to recognize and up the profile of East Hollywood," says David Lawrence Bell, President, East Hollywood Neighborhood Council. Additionally, Bell doesn't believe the city's Planning Department has a lot of information on East Hollywood. Is that so, Planning Department? "Development can be beneficial to the neighborhood and to East Hollywood," says Bell. "[The designation] not an anti-development project, it's really designed to move East Hollywood into the future...and to help property values."
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