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Road to Bus Lanes on Wilshire Is Long, Winding, Rutted

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A new environmental impact (EIR) report for rush hour bus-only lanes on Wilshire advanced at a transportation committee, reports Streetsblog. Funding of the EIR now moves to the full City Council. Residents of the high-rise condos between Beverly Hills and UCLA said the lanes would be "dangerous" for residents getting out of driveways, and negatively impact trash pick-up, mail delivery, and emergency services (a Streetsblog commenter described the mindset as "we are too rich to have to put up with THAT in our neighborhood"). Preliminary studies indicate the lanes would slow up cross-city drivers by 3-5 minutes, but drop travel times for buses by 24%. Streetsblog commenters also estimate that a repaving of Wilshire from Wilton to La Brea (what a freeway in Sarajevo probably looked like in the '90s) may be in order. [Streetsblog]