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CurbedWire: Early Morning Light Testing, 10 Palms Sales Check

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DOWNTOWN: Sending in the above photo of what looks to be Marriott in the foreground, and the Ritz in the background, a reader writes: "Taken at 6am this morning, you can see that the LA Live hotel will have lights running town the sides of the tower. There have been men working on the sides of the tower for weeks and now it seems apparent to what they were doing." Or maybe it's just some sort of secret nuclear testing, all part of AEG's plans to unleash the aliens and take over the city. [Curbed Wire]

LOS ANGELES: The Rock Star unit at the 10 Palms, that Clive Wilkinson-designed project just hit the MLS (it's always been for sale, but not on the MLS), and it's listed for $1.2 million. It awaits your leather jeans and poor hygiene. According to the sales rep for the 9-unit project, four in escrow (all the cheapest units went first). Remaining prices for those units that are still available: $749,000-$1.2 million. [Curbed Staff]