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ConstructionWatch: More English Condos for Sawtelle

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Earlier this year, developer Peter Wilson of local firm Wellesley Manor opened Soho Square, a 94-unit project at 1700 Sawtelle, selling units priced from $399,000 and up. Well, Soho Square, all part of that Sawtelle boom, is getting a neighbor. Meet St. John’s Wood. Like Soho Square, St. John's Wood is named after a section of London, and the 55-unit condominium building will have a similar layout to its British cousin. This new building, expected to be finished next summer, will be priced slightly higher than Soho Square. Meanwhile, we asked Wilson, who sounds like he's a Brit himself, how sales were going at the 90-unit Soho Square. When he told us that 70 condos were in contract and 56 units (of the 70 group) had closed contract, we spit out our coffee. And demanded to know if he was telling the truth. Because when it comes to condos, it's feeling pretty Chapter 11, all gloom and doom, out there. "It's been unbelievable," he said, adding that he hasn't dropped prices.
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