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Curbed Poll: Short Sale In Studio City

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Welcome to this version of "New To Market," our look at a listing with a reader vote. Consider this an unscientific way to take the buying pulse of a wary public. Feedback and nominees to the tipline, please.

Hey - it's been forever since we've done a pricing poll, hasn't it? We think we may have found a bargain this time, if a buyer is willing to put up with the vagaries of a short sale. According to the listing for this three-bedroom, three-bath home, the house features "a broad use of materials such as travertine, tumbled marble, slate & granite" and has a fireplace in the living room, plantation shutters and an open dining area. There's also a pool, although from the pictures, it looks like it takes up most of the open space in the backyard. The house was last sold in April 2006 for $1.187 million - a serious jump after its previous sales price of $832,500 in August 2005. With that kind of bubble pricing, it's not surprising the house is now a short sale. Today's asking price: $699,000 or $405 per square foot. Listing is here.