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CurbedWire: Dunsmuir Flats Rental, Pedestrian Versus Car in Beverly Hills

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LOS ANGELES: Via the Inbox: "Just wanted to pass the word around that I will have an apartment here at the Dunsmuir Flats [at 1281 S. Dunsmuir Avenue] available to rent on October 1st. if you can think of anyone looking for a mid town site, let them know, or, better yet, if you are looking to re-locate yourselves, come stay with me, in this early California Modernist's Masterpiece." This would be Gregory Ain's Dumsuir Flats. Contact info: No word on price, but we've written about these rentals here, so that should give you an idea. [Curbed Inbox]

BEVERLY HILLS: Let's close out the day with a reader question. "Curbed, was driving down Beverly Drive (just south of Wilshire) in Beverly Hills last night and there was a guy physically saving the spot for his friend, talking on a cell phone and standing in the spot. I was in a crabby mood and decided car trumped person so just sat there glaring at him, idling until he moved. It took about 45 seconds till he folded. Maybe his friend was lost. But generally, wouldn't you say physically holding spots= bad form?" [Curbed InBox]