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Unhappy Neighbors May Challenge SoHo House

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Not so fast, Brits: Per the Beverly Press, it sounds like unhappy residents living near the proposed Soho House club at the top of 9200 Sunset will file an appeal to last week's West Hollywood Planning Department approval of the project. Opponents, who argue this is a residential area not suitable for the British club (which also has an outpost in New York City) seem to be suggesting that a Soho House will bring about all sorts of illicit behavior. Via the paper: "Attorney Doug Carstens specializes in development issues and is representing the West Hollywood-Beverly Hills Neighborhood Association in opposition to SoHo House. Carstens said there were several issues surrounding the club that were not thoroughly explored by the developers or by the city, namely the history of SoHo House in other locations in terms of increased police activity and crime." Carstens tells the paper an appeal is coming. SoHo House has long talked about moving into the top of Luckman Plaza--the 14-story commercial building erected by Charles Luckman in 1964--and threw a series of Oscar parties in the penthouse of the building last year.
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