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Howard Hughes Center Wants to Know? Oh Really?

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Last week, Equity Office Properties, the developer of the planned mixed-use component of the Howard Hughes Center launched a new web site solely for the intention of taking comments and suggestion for its Westside project, which consists of two residential buildings and two commercial buildings. Among other things, one guy--who bikes to work-- is requesting showers in his office tower, while someone else is asking for a drug store. Meanwhile, it sounds like those unhappy homeowners may have helped knock down the height of proposed 24-story tower at 6055 Center Drive. In an email to Curbed, a rep for the project writes that 6055 Center Drive is "no longer 24 stories – it will be 18 stories. The number of living units for both residential buildings is currently being worked out. The change on the height came as a result of feedback from and outreach with many local community groups around the area." The rep also notes he'd love to hear from Curbed readers' thoughts on the project, so chime in on the site if you've got something to say. UPDATE: Photos updated so you know what you're look at
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Howard Hughes Center

6060 Center Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90045