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Party for WeHo's New Formosa Pocket Park

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The WeHo News reports a dedication ceremony for that pocket park at Formosa 1140, that crimson-hued condo building designed by Lorcan O'Herlihy, will be held on August 15th. Ah, how you have grown, little park. You were just a dirt lot last November. The park was designed by Katherine Spitz Associates, who also did that that pocket park at Habitat on the Park at 1351 Havenhurst (both projects were completed by developer Richard Loring). Our photos were taken in late July when the park was still locked up. Last fall, Sam Baxter, planning facilities manager for West Hollywood, said the park would be closed after sunset, a move that's likely meant to keep out the beer-drinking raccoons and weed-toking squirrels.
· Another WeHo Pocket Park To Be Dedicated [WeHo News]