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Before Sunset's Soho House, Luckman's Strawberries

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While Soho House looks to move into the top of the 14-story Luckman Plaza building aka 9200 Sunset Blvd, a reader points out a set of photos of what the penthouse--a space that was the former residence of the late architect Charles Luckman--used to look like. Joe Darrell, who reps buildings and properties for film shoots, tells us these photos of Luckman's former residence were taken in winter 2008 "on a gray day." The penthouse has now been gutted, but you can get a glimpse of what the architect's life was like from this 1987 Los Angeles Business Journal article. Luckman told the Journal: "We have terraced the area surrounding the penthouse, and my wife of 56 years (Harriet) can grow corn, tomatoes, strawberries and other vegetables.... We feel very lucky that after a day of work I can just take the elevator up and we can have a drink and a view of a city."
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