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EaterTastings: First Look at Los Feliz's Rockwell VT, La Cachette Bistro Delayed, Cobras & Matadors Shutters

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The latest dish from Eater LA, Curbed's hedonistic eating and drinking blog...

LOS FELIZ: Eater offers the first look at the upcoming restaurant and lounge adjacent to Vermont (and has the same owners). The new space, Rockwell, VT (pictured), will share Vermont's chef, but will feature a lighter small plates menu.

SANTA MONICA: The opening of Jean Francois Meteigner's La Cachette Bistro has been ever so slightly delayed, with an expected opening Aug 15th. The menu focuses on a "more Californian interpretation of French Bistro fare using locally sourced items."

LOS FELIZ: Poor Cobras & Matadors. The once thriving mini-chain has lost the Los Feliz location. In its place will be the second location for Umami Burger, slated to open in September.
· Eater LA [Official Site]