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Hernia Surgery Be Damned: Billboard Ban Passes

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The LA City Council unanimously voted today for an emergency measure to ban the installation of new digital billboards, multi-story supergraphics and some freeway-facing signs. Today's emergency measure was enacted in response to the long line of temporary moratoriums enacted to slow the spread of billboards, which the council feared would be overturned by a federal judge later this month. How hotly contested is this issue? Councilman Bill Rosendahl dragged himself to Van Nuys City Hall to participate in the vote even though he's on medical leave to recover from hernia surgery. According to the LA Times, "lobbyist Sheri Bonstelle, whose law firm represents a company that has been fighting to keep a supergraphic on the side of the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, warned the council that the new ban would simply invite more lawsuits. 'You’re not creating the solution that you desire,' she told the council." Oh, is that a threat or a promise? At least it will keep her firm in business for now.
· L.A. City Council bans new digital billboards, supergraphics, freeway-facing signs [LA Times]

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