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Rosa Parks Villas Rising, Crenshaw Gateway Stalled

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[Driving west on the 10]
In these construction-lean times, the site of new wood may bring you cheer, and the site of new wood rising off the 10 freeway in West Adams may bring you wonderment--what is that thing? That would be Rosa Parks Villa, an 60-unit affordable housing project for seniors that'll be finished by March 2010. It's part of the Community Redevelopment Agency 's Crenshaw Gateway, a larger improvement project that's looking to develop (aka bring in residential, office, and retail) both sides of Crenshaw Boulevard between the 10 Freeway and Adams Boulevard. And while Rosa Parks Villa, which has had some construction delays, is marching along, Crenshaw Gateway is stalled due to the economy, according to Michelle Banks-Ordone, CRA manager.

On a positive note, this week the CRA announced that $14.7 million in Proposition 1C funding would help spur improvements under the Crenshaw Vision Plan. Among other things, the area will see street improvements (such as solar powered irrigation for parkways, shade trees, bus shelters, bike racks, street benches and trash cans), and more.

In the press release announcing the funding, CRA LA head Cecilia V. Estolano says these improvements are, in part, tied to the Expo line development.

“Realizing the Mid-City Crenshaw Vision Plan is the highest priority for us in South Los Angeles,” said Cecilia V. Estolano, CRA/LA Chief Executive Officer. “We are laying the ground work for future growth and development by upgrading the infrastructure and simplifying the entitlement process to attract developers along the new Expo and Crenshaw transit lines,” she said.

Meanwhile, we asked Banks-Ordone if a sound wall would be erected in front of that housing project. She said that noise isn't an issue at this site. However, a sound wall is being added in front of residences right next to Rosa Villa Parks because they are located at a lower elevation on the hill.
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