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CurbedWire: Ehrlich Architects in Beverly Hills, T-Lofts Block Party

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BEVERLY HILLS: Some semi-recent photos of construction at 331 Foothill Drive, the Ehrlich Architects-designed Beverly Hills City building. Per an older post from the Beverly Hills Community News project: This will be a "72,000 square foot, four-story building [and will] house the City’s Cable and Television facility, and provide commercial lease space for offices, retail, and restaurants." Ehrlich's site has more description of the project and the solar and SILVER Leed component. [Curbed Staff]

SAWTELLE: T-Lofts, that oft-mentioned project on Pico Blvd is having its grand opening this weekend, kicking off things with what's being called an Urban Block Party. "An Urban Block Party will be held on Saturday, August 8, 2009 from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm to celebrate the culmination of years of work to bring this community to fruition." Sounds like there'll be free wine and possibly free treats for your dog---Trader Joe’s, The Wine House, Simply Pet Life are among those companies participating. [Curbed InBox]