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Chief Bratton: My Mortgage Has Me Moving On

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At yesterday's press conference to announce his resignation, Los Angeles Police Department Chief Bill Bratton revealed that part of the reason he listed his Los Feliz house is because of his mortgage. Via LAObserved: "In answer to a question about putting his house on the market last month, Bratton said he faced a large bump in his variable mortgage that meant ' would be literally in the poor house.'" Here's the whole quote from the Daily Breeze: "We only planned to be here five years and, like a lot of people, I had a variable mortgage that would have led me to the poor house," Bratton said." Before, Bratton told the Los Angeles Times that he reason he was selling was because "he doesn't use the pool and is ready to be done with its upkeep." Either way, sounds like he's done with this house--and Los Angeles. He's leaving in October, right after the dedication of the new downtown LAPD headquarters.
· LAPD Chief Bratton will resign Oct. 31 [Daily Breeze]