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New To Market: Edward Fickett-Designed Foreclosure In Nichols Canyon

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If an Edward Fickett-designed Historic Cultural Monument in Los Feliz with a pool is a little too pricey at $2.5 million, then perhaps a fixer in Nichols Canyon is more your speed. This three-bedroom, three-bath also has a pool. Potentially. A pool or a dirty skate ramp, at the moment. The listing tells us it was designed by "Edwin Fickett," which we assume is a typo and not Edward's long-lost, lesser-known little brother. It's also a bank foreclosure, which is a bit odd since the last time the home was sold was in 1990 for $36,000. Perhaps someone was overleveraged? Today's asking price: $925,650, a bit less than the $990,000 JP Morgan Chase paid for the property in the foreclosure sale.
· 3043 Nichols Canyon Rd Los Angeles, CA 90046 [Redfin]