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Ask Curbed: Buying in Atwater Village vs. Los Feliz?

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[The idyllic, sometimes-gangy Atwater (via AVN) vs the idyllic, sometimes traffic-y Los Feliz]
This is a great question. A reader, who is married and has a new kid, has to choose between buying a house in two different neighborhoods. Over the long haul, Los Feliz may hold up in terms of real estate value, but hey, two bathrooms await in Atwater Village. He writes: "Question: I'm considering buying a house in Los Feliz vs. one in Atwater Village. The prices are relatively close (slightly more in Los Feliz) but the AV house is more updated and the lot is a bit bigger. The LF is in Franklin school, and the AV is in Glenfeliz elementary. The LF house is 3BR/1Bath, the AV is 3/2, but the second bath isn’t permitted, and the third bedroom seems to be sketchily permitted. The LF is on a decent block, but there is some multi-unit housing on the block, while the AV is sort of on one of the better blocks in the area. What’s your super informed real estate maven thought?" And he lets us know the Los Feliz home isn't near Los Feliz Blvd so that traffic mess doesn't need to be considered. Yes, readers, what to tell him?
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