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On the Racked: Japanese Village Plaza, Zara at Farmers Market, Christian Louboutin Plywood, AA Goes Butt-Less

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And the latest information from our street and store-obsessed sister site, Racked LA...

LITTLE TOKYO: Courtesy of RSA Architects by way of the Little Tokyo Unblogged blog, renderings of the renovated Japanese Village Plaza. The new building will boast "a new storefront opening at the Central Avenue and First Street wall" while the Little Tokyo mural will be moved down the side of the building, reports Racked LA.

LOS ANGELES: No more having to schlep to Santa Monica or Pasadena. Clothing retailer Zara has opened at the LA Farmers Market, and friend Blackburn and Sweetzer gives it a "glowing review."

ROBERTSON BLVD: The shutters may be coming fast and furious, but Christian Louboutin is opening a space on Robertson Boulevard. Fashion News first broke the news, noting: "Very exciting news for Robertson shoppers, and it really makes that Robertson/Melrose axis all the stronger with designer names."

LOS ANGELES: Suspicious. American Apparel is selling butt-less tights. Via Racked: "Call us naive, but we still can't figure out their purpose—presumably, they're meant to give a line-less look to AA's tighter skirts and dresses, but isn't that also the point of regular tights? Or perhaps they were just created to give Dov an excuse to hold a butt casting session." Sorta NSFW.
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