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CurbedWire: Solar for Lancaster Oldies, 717 Olympic's Bling

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LANCASTER: The people behind solar panel company SolarCity sent in a photo of Lancaster’s Arbor Court, a senior affordable housing project, and a development they say is the first in the entirety of So. Cal Edison’s territory to qualify for MASH, or Multifamily Affordable Solar Housing, which provides solar incentives for affordable housing. That's a lot of solar panels. [Curbed InBox]

DOWNTOWN: Know your star-filled downtown rental buildings. A tipster passes on word that new USC basketball coach Kevin O'Neill is living in 717 Olympic, that rental building that's kitty-corner to LA Live. Perhaps he'll hang out with DeAndre Ramone Way aka Soulja Boy, who also was living in the building (it's not clear if he's still living there or if he's moved on). And now we sound like Page 6. [Curbed Staff]