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Lofts at Cherokee Studios Launches Blog, Musical Showcase

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Just a month ago, the Lofts at Cherokee Studios, a 12-unit Pugh + Scarpa-designed building launched its official web site, floorplans and all. Now the building, built on the site of the old Cherokee Studios (where Sinatra and Bowie recorded), has launched its blog and announced it's creating a "Platinum Showcase." Developer REthink has partnered with four architects to each create a loft that will pay homage to the musicians who recorded on that site. Rogerio Carvalheiro will design a loft that honors David Bowie, interior designers Kristin Casey and Rick Rifle will design for Frank Sinatra, Lori Dennis & Brook Casey will pay tribute to Alice Cooper, and Jennifer Siegel's Office of Mobile Design and Sandra Sharma are designing a penthouse suite in homage to 30 Seconds to Mars. Wait, huh? How did 30 Seconds to Mars sneak in there with Sinatra, Bowie and Cooper?

The showcase will run from Oct 15-Nov 5th, and prospective buyers will be able to purchase the lofts with the rock-n-roll theme, or, if their tastes run more towards Britney and Madonna, without the design. REthink plans to announce pricing near the showcase opening.
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