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That's Rather Hideous: Bad Plaid In West Hollywood

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We almost cracked a joke about looking for a pot o' gold at the end of that kitchen and then realized plaid is a Sottish thing, and leprechauns are of Irish descent. Silly us. The tragedy of this two bedroom, one bath house right off the Strip is that it could be incredibly charming. Or at least, inoffensive. It features a formal living room, a den with a fireplace, an eat-in kitchen, and an interior courtyard. The back one bedroom, one bath cottage has its own washer and dryer and a private patio. But as they said in Sotland, or at least, according to the Internets they do, you have to tak the bree wi the barm. Or you could hire a crew to take down that wallpaper and paint the kitchen. Asking price: $749,000 or $470 per square foot.
· 1010 Hilldale Ave West Hollywood, CA 90069 [Redfin]