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Latest on Subway Gates, New Bus Screens

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By the end of the month, four subway stations should be equipped with real New York-ey style turnstiles (of 71 total train stations, a number that includes the Gold Line extension that's supposed to open at summer's close). Union Station, Pershing Square, MacArthur Park, and Normandie are getting in the gate game, and the transit agency reports that, "If all goes well, Metro will proceed with installing a total of 379 fare gates in all stations on the subway and Metro Green Line and key light rail stations on the Metro Blue and Gold lines. Installation is intended to be completed in six to eight months in early 2010." Streetsblog has photos of the some of the gates and it doesn't look that hard to get around them, though installation is in the early stages. The transit blog also reports that some stations are getting equipped with digital screens that broadcast bus arrival times. Hopefully, they work better than the digital screen at the Rapid stops on Wilshire that go from "Bus Arriving in 2 Minutes" to "Bus Delayed" to "Bus Arriving in 10 Minutes" all in 30 seconds. [Photo by Spokker via Streetsblog]
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