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Crenshaw Line Meeting: Sort of An Update

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What's the loud noise you hear? Oh, the huge vacuum of silence emanating from the Los Angeles Times ever since the paper laid off transportation reporter Steve Hymon. Goodbye, coverage of transportation issues (big and small). So, let's hit Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas' web site for a smattering of info on last week's meeting for the Crenshaw/South Bay Transit Corridor. It's written in the 3rd person. Probably by an intern. No matter: "The Supervisor, who was joined by Metropolitan Transportation Authority Chief Executive Officer Art Leahy, encouraged residents to make their voices heard before the MTA board votes in late October on whether to use special buses or light rail to carry passengers [Ridley-Thomas advocates light rail]...The project, slated to begin construction in 2012, also will link to existing rail lines." That's pretty much all there is for now in terms of coverage, but a video is expected to be posted soon. [Official Site]