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Kanner Architects' Transformation of Venice Boulevard

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After watching and watching this thing go up for the last two years, Kanner Architects-designed new apartment complex on Venice and Superior is nearly finished. Those numbers on the exterior--which designate the address of the building--is a design choice we might have skipped, but the architecture firm and landscape architect Dan Weeden deserve a lot of praise for helping transform this stretch of Venice Boulevard. If you don't know this area of Lincoln and Venice boulevards, think...uninhabitable! Wide streets, traffic, little to no landscaping. Over all, developer Gilly Rojany's criteria was two-fold, according to project architect Damian Lemons. "He wanted to make the scale of [the building] very pedestrian, but his idea was also to make it very attractive for his tenants," he says.

Some of the details that stand out design-wise about the project: A new curved sidewalk rounds out the corner of Superior, while the three-story building has setbacks, and the planters are actually steps that people can also sit on, according to Lemons.

Additionally, if balconies can feel like an afterthought on many apartment complexes, the balconies here are of varying design and size, which makes the development look less cookie-cutter. Pointing out the height and scale of the three-story building (there are other surrounding, and older apartment buildings that are also the same size) seems important, given that the 65-foot Eric Owen Moss tower is planned across the street, kitty corner to this project, and some people are freaking out about that height of that project. A post with interior shots and rent information to follow.
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