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Renderings for Downtown's Megatoys Project

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We've uncovered full-scale renderings of developer Charlie Woo's proposed Arts District project near Alameda and 1st, which if built would add 320 apartments and 15,576 square feet of retail to the neighborhood. It would upend Woo's Megatoys factory and turn Garey Street into a pedestrian-only enclave, and these pics represent that walker's party. The architect here is Togawa Smith Martin, the same firm behind developer Rick Caruso's Americana at Brand and his forthcoming Burton Way development. There is concern over the random act of animal cruelty taking place in the middle of the water feature. Also, we see an awning advertising for an "East Village Gallery." Hmm, not to copy New York, but it is sort of a fitting nickname for this part of town: very village-y, very East.

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