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CurbedWire: Wilshire Blvd's Saban Theater, Urban Land Institute Awards

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BEVERLY HILLS: Never a dull moment on Wilshire. The former Wilshire Theater, now called the Saban Theater, underwent some interior renovations last year, and exterior work started in June. The new marquee is arriving this week, according to Esther Adir, executive director of the Beverly Hills Performing Arts Center, owner of the Beverly Hills venue. All the renovations should be finished by 15th of September, according to Adir. [Curbed Staff]

LOS ANGELES: Go nominate someone for a Urban Land Institute (ULI) LA District Council award. The local chapter of the nonprofit research and education organization, is seeking to hand out four Los Angeles Real Creativity (LARC) Awards. Nominations must be submitted by 9/30. In these tough employment times, sucking up to the boss is probably an excellent move--go nominate him/her. [Curbed InBox]

Description of the event:

"The ULI LARC Awards will be presented annually to four local recipients who, through their extraordinary vision and creative action, are helping to change our world (and our lives) – as Angelenos, Americans and global citizens. Not only do these local projects deserve recognition in their own right, they may also have value beyond their original, local purpose. That is, they may offer useful models for other communities to emulate, or they may simply serve as an inspiration to other creatives, while providing leadership in the responsible use of land, shared spaces and our collective resources.

The LARC Awards presentation promises to be a memorable event because the awards will be presented by some of the City’s creative giants — legends in their own right who have already earned their iconic places in the history books and changed our lives for the better. The LARC Awards will celebrate the continuation of this stream of creativity year after year, from one legend to the next. This year’s legends being awarded are Frank O. Gehry, Stan Ross, Buzz McCoy and Stu Ketchum."

And the official web site.