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Looks like a Ghetto

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With City Councilwoman Wendy Greuel gone, some residents in Council District 2 (which covers Mulholland Drive in the Hollywood Hills to Big Tujunga Road in the Verdugo Hills, according to CD's web site) are griping that without representation (an election will be held later this year), problems in the area are ignored, reports the Daily News. And there's even squalor! "Meanwhile, residents like [Dorothy] McHugh are left calling a myriad of agencies, seeking help removing discarded garbage from nearby public areas, dealing with homeless people who have set up makeshift dwellings and motor homes and campers illegally parked on city streets. 'It's a complete mess and an eyesore,' McHugh said. 'It's dreadful, and it looks like a ghetto.'" [Daily News]