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The Catch: Naked Fishbowl "Experiment" in Venice

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[Photo of the Stanford Prison Experiment via Stanford Prison Experiment; photo of Venice via Wikimedia]

What/Where: Furnished one bedroom apartment in Venice.

Sounds good, right?: It's "fully furnished and in a great area," with queen size beds in both the bedroom and the living room. You'll pay no rent for six months to a year, with a possibility for $3,000 compensation at the end of that time. Also, free therapy once a month!

The Catch: "We are a group of sociology researchers from several universities. We want to conduct an experiment on shared living situation."

These "researchers" (sounds more like reality show producers, but either way) are looking for an 18-32 year old woman to live with one other woman and two men. Here's what you'll have to agree to in the name of "science": "Zero private areas - There are no doors or covers inside the apartment. Not even cover to shower. So no privacy. Indoors you must walk with as less clothing as possible. Each week you will be assigned the sleeping arrangements for the week to come and you will also have to fill out a quick survey. Each month you will have a session with a psychologist. (sic)" Beware: a source with knowledge of local Institutional Review Boards (they monitor research ethics) is very dubious this is a legit academic experiment.
· $11 Free shared housing and participating in an academic experiment (Venice) [Craigslist]
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