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CurbedWire: Century City's Fake Wood*, Factory Place Lofts Work

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CENTURY CITY: Woooh, dizzy tree. "Fabulous new cell phone tree at Candy Spelling's [home] almost done," writes a reader, sending in a photo of what looks to be a mechanical fir--or its equally fake cousin--at Related Cos' Century Plaza project. That's what $47 million buys you--excellent cell phone coverage. UPDATE: We should note we don't know where this fake tree is headed--maybe it's going across the street, for instance. But welcome. [Curbed InBox]

DOWNTOWN: Since the last visit to Factory Place Lofts, that under-construction apartment conversion along Sixth Street in the Industrial area, the development has seen courtyard work, and overall, looks fairly close to completion. You can see all the photos of interior work via this link. [Curbed Staff]

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