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Go Haggle Up In Sacramento

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The New York Times covers the "Great California Garage Sale," that two-day sale taking place in Sacramento this weekend, and a fire sale that's viewed as an "opportunity for the state's agencies to clean out closets, drawers, garages and back rooms," while also raising money for our cash-strapped state. Well, the garage sale is only expected to bring in a $1 million or so, which won't make a dent in the $10.5 billion California needs to borrow. Everything from laptops to cellphones are for sale, according to the Times, but the popular items may the cars and "CHiPs"-style BMW bikes" that are being offered. UPDATE: A couple of people are taking issue with both the NY Times' characterization of the motorcycles and our photo. Maybe the Times will run a correction. Here's a photo of what one reader believes the BMW bikes will look like. [NY Times]