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PriceChopper: Tiny Cuts For Toy Factory Loft

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Maybe it's the heat. Maybe it's the giant billowing plumes of smoke. But we find ourselves feeling excessively irritated by this listing for a 1,428 square foot one-bedroom, one-bath unit in the Toy Factory lofts. We have nothing against the loft or building, per se. It's got good views, a pool, and is just across the street from one of our favorite restaurants, Church & State. No, our problem is with the listing history. Last sold in August 2006 for $384,000 it went back on the market last month at $649,000. Then, almost a month from the date it was originally listed, it was reduced to $644,000. Then a week later, reduced to $639,000. A week after that $634,000. Now it's at $631,000. JUST F*#%ING REDUCE IT. Stop it with this $5,000 reduction every week nonsense. JESUS. Ok, deep breaths. We're going to go lie down now.
1855 Industrial St #515 Los Angeles, CA 90021 [Redfin]

Toy Factory Lofts

1855 Industrial St, Los Angeles, CA