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PriceChopper: Koreatown's Solair Still Holding Sales

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The last time there was a check of the Koreatown Solair project, that aqua green 186-unit development on Wilshire Boulevard, it was when the development had its big August 1st sale. What's going on, Solair? You don't write, you don't call. You don't invite us to your red cup parties. What's the latest? Well, according to a rep for Solair, 13 units went into contract during that big August sale. And the sales continue. Nearly every weekend, there are special price drops on select units. For instance, the development is holding a special sale this weekend--a 1,700 square foot unit that was $1.29 million is now $699,000. On the marketing end, the sales team is calling interested buyers to let them know about price drops. And a bus tour visited last weekend. They have five units occupied, according to the rep. Godspeed.


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