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CurbedWire: Foot Happy About Silver Lake Parking, Lincoln Place Settlement

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SILVER LAKE: For something like forever, the parking lot at the Comfort Inn has been closed due to structural damage. (Although the closure never seemed to make much sense since cars still parked below the street-level lot). Anyway, at some point in the last couple of weeks, the parking lot re-opened. The Happy Foot/Sad Foot sign on the property is very excited to see the lot re-opened. [Curbed Staff]

VENICE: Some news regarding the illegal eviction of tenants of Lincoln Place . Since last year, the tenants have been negotiating a settlement regarding monetary damages. The chatter in Venice is that there's been a settlement. Well, AIMCO, the company that evicted the tenants was asked for a statement, and here's what they emailed us: "On August 11 and 12, 2009, Aimco Venezia LLC (“AIMCO”), the Lincoln Place Tenants Association (“LPTA”) and certain tenant leaders and representatives executed a settlement agreement that will move the parties closer to resolving years of litigation over the future of Lincoln Place Apartments, help pave the way for the redevelopment of the property and help return much needed rental housing to the Westside of Los Angeles. "

And the rest of the statement:

"The settlement agreement is still not final. The agreement must be agreed to and executed individually by all of the former tenants and current occupants involved and certain contingencies must also be satisfied before the settlement agreements become final.. The parties hope, however, to have more good news to report in the next few months and will issue a statement when the agreements are final.”

Reading that statement made our eyes dry out, so we emailed back for more clarification. Among other things, all the parties--and there are dozens and dozens of tenants--have to sign the agreement, and as the press rep noted, there "certain contingencies." Also, there are confidentiality agreements involved so no one can talk. Anyway, go tenants! [Curbed Inbox]

Lincoln Place

1077 Elkgrove Ave., Los Angeles, CA