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On the Racked: Downtown Fashion Walk, Cooper Design Space, Project Runway's Chris March

The latest news from our store and street-obsessed sibling, Racked LA...

DOWNTOWN: Racked LA checked out last week's Downtown Fashion Walk. Review, please? "As many of the shopkeepers told us, it takes time to build up an ArtWalk scale following, and because they expected a comparatively small crowd, they decided to keep things fairly quiet on the first night to gauge guests' reactions.." We wish DFW much success.

DOWNTOWN: Adding to Cooper Design Space's showroom space: A permanent retail space just up the road, which'll just be called The Store. It opens August 29 from 5pm-9pm, with some of the proceeds from the store going to the New Orleans Musicians' Village.

EVERYWHERE: Given all the fuss about "Project Runway," this seems worth pointing out: Racked picks up on E! News' report that Project Runway alum Chris March filed a lawsuit against Thierry Mugler and Tancrede Prinz, who have failed to pay him for costumes he created for the Beyonce"I Am..." tour.
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