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Heck of A Deal? Malibu's New City Hall

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After buying the Performing Arts Center at a bankruptcy auction, Malibu has a new City Hall, according to the Wall Street Journal, which notes that the city had previously been renting and hadn't been able to afford a hall of its own. Via the WSJ: "'We feel we got a heck of a deal,' says City Manager Jim Thorsen." The Los Angeles Times noted back in June that officials thought it was a fiscally prudent move given that Malibu could rent out part of the space, but tell that to the commenters who freaked out on the Malibu Times web site when the story first broke. Comment 1: "How sad that a Performing Arts Center has been exchanged for a Government Office..more government..and less Art..just what we need. With all the money and Artists in this town..this is pretty pityful." And another (and confirmation Malibu is actually Fargo): "WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON IN MALIBU AND WHAT IS CITY HALL DOING ABOUT IT BESIDES PUSHING OUT THE ART!" And finally: " Should the city government actually close on this purchase, it will have committed perhaps the greatest breach of its fiduciary duties since the city of Malibu was established as independent municipal entity."
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