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Real Estate Agent and Joel Stein Run Amok, Cause Controversy

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Earlier this month, LA-based writer Joel Stein had a big Time magazine cover piece on Las Vegas, a story that was also about the real estate bust and a piece which had Stein running around with real estate agent Brooke Boemio. According to the Las Vegas Sun, the story had accompanying video on Time's web site that showed Stein and Boemio breaking into an unoccupied house. Via the Sun:

"In the story, Brooke Boemio — “a bouncy, sweet, recently remarried 31-year-old mom” — is cast as one of the Dillingers. She helps Stein break into a foreclosed home and brags about helping clients who are underwater on their mortgages buy a second house on the cheap and stop making payments on their first mortgages, pressuring the bank into selling the houses for a loss. Everybody’s doing it, she says in the story. In fact, she said, she did it herself." Boemio* is now saying she was inaccurately portrayed by Time. She has also "parted ways" with Coldwell Banker Wardley, according to the Sun. But the paper also raises questions about whether Time's coverage of what Boemio says she practiced--buy-and-bail real estate purchases--actually happened, perhaps implying that Boemio was bragging? And could Stein face charges? Via the Sun: "A Metro Police spokeswoman said Stein’s description of his and Boemio’s entrance into the home appears to meet the definition of misdemeanor trespassing."
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