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Updates Coming on Mysterious Crenshaw Line

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At a press luncheon tomorrow, the media will be treated to an update on the in-the-works Crenshaw transit line, and bologna sandwiches, courtesy of Metro's CEO, Art Leahy, and L.A. County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas. What we know now is that the line will begin near LAX and connect to the Expo Line, and possibly further north to the Wilshire subway, offering direct connections to the airport from South LA and mid-Wilshire. Metro describes the under-the-radar project (which will cost about $1.7 billion) as thus: "The goal of the project is to improve public transit service and mobility in the Crenshaw corridor between Wilshire and El Segundo Boulevards by connecting with existing lines such as the Metro Green Line or the Exposition Light Rail transit currently under construction." In October, Metro will decide whether to move forward with a line that utilizes bus rapid transit (like the Orange Line) or a "potentially underground Light Rail Transit line option which would operate on electricity from overhead lines." More importantly, what color will the line be? We vote for burnt sienna.
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