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Grab Your Shiv - Architectural Rumble is On!

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Oh snap! No sooner had Nicholai Ouroussoff complimented LA's young archi-studs than the NY critics took offense. After citing Greg Lynn, Michael Maltzan, Neil Denari and the team of Kevin Daly and Chris Genik as having "no real equivalent in New York" Brooklyn architect Andy Bernheimer posted this open letter disputing Ouroussoff on Design Observer. Oh snap! Bernheimer offers a vigorous defense of NY's architectural practitioners and challenges Ouroussoff "to grab a Metrocard and visit the architectural studios that are energetically creating new work in our diverse city." If Ourousoff does indeed grab his Metrocard, we can't wait to see the rumble/dance number that is sure to ensue underground. [Image of Ouroussoff via Charlie Rose Show]
· An Open Letter to Nicolai Ouroussoff [Design Observer]