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That's Rather Hideous: Windowless in South LA

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Yes, yes, we know we've commented before on these stucco nightmares that have popped up all over South LA in the last few years. In the past, we faulted them for the misguided attempt to impose some "architecture" in the form of decorative columns and arches over the single, centered window they featured. Now we'd give just about anything to see a single window. We didn't think those could get any worse. But this windowless box painted in what we like to think of as gangrene green (gangreene?) just got a whole lot worse. Yes, we know many residents in South LA prefer fortified design but this has crossed the line from fortified to funereal. The two-unit house is currently on the market for $239,900 or $92 per square foot. It was last sold in October 2005 for $515,000.
· 215 E 78TH St Los Angeles, CA 90003 [Redfin]