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RentChopper: Neutra's Barsha Residence Dips Again

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If at first you don't succeed, try, try to rent again. The Neutra-designed Barsha Residence first went on the market in October of last year, with an optimistic listing price of $2.495 million. The house had undergone an extensive restoration after it was bought for $1.487 million in June 2008. With the market in freefall, the house underwent a series of very minor pricechops. When we last checked in, in April, the house was listed $2.195 million and was available for lease at $7,500 per month. Last month the price dropped once again to today's listing price of $1.995 million. The rental price has also undergone a reduction. The house is now available for lease for $6,000 per month. Take the full tour here.
· $6000 / 3br - Stunning Home... [Craigslist]
· 302 Mesa Rd Pacific Palisades, CA 90402 [Redfin]