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CurbedWire: Brits Win this War, Hollywood and Western Watch

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WEST HOLLYWOOD: It's just been made aware to us that there's long been an American flag planted atop the Luckman Plaza building, site of the forthcoming and controversial British-based Soho House. Fifty bucks says that if the flag survives the club opening, some drunk Brit will wrap it around his naked body and run around the pool deck. [Curbed Staff]

HOLLYWOOD: As expected, an excavator arrived at 9:30 am today to the Hollywood and Western corner, site of those soon-to-be-demolished three structures. All day, it looked like more clearing work was done by hand and although the big machine was spotted maneuvering around the properties, the thrilling bone-crunching noise of serious destruction has yet to be heard. Perhaps tomorrow! [Curbed Staff]

Here it is being delivered:

Of course, one has to sign for the big excavator: