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Will Pop-Ups Provide New Life For Pre-Fab?

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It's no secret that once-hot pre-fab architecture has taken a hit in this economy. Michelle Kaufmann's prefab firm is closed, and Marmol Radziner has refocused on cabinets rather than custom pre-fab. Yet it looks like high-end pre-fab (is that an oxymoron?) may have a second wind in the form of...corporate retail? First we heard shipping container czar Peter DeMaria was working for Target and Red Bull. Now we find that those bastions of nostalgist faux-art deco architecture, The Americana at Brand and The Grove have let a (gasp!) modernist pre-fab on site. Well, there goes the (non)neighborhood. According to the NY Times, LA architecture firm Taalman Koch (known for its itHouse) have designed the pop-up Palm Pre pavilion, first at The Americana, now at the Grove. Apparently Palm was looking for a retail environment that embodied the "'timeless modern' quality of Palm’s phone." The 8x12 foot pop up will be on display until August 30th. [Photo courtesy of Taalman Koch Architecture]
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