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CurbedWire: Palos Verdes Diorama, Shopping for Spam Could Save a Landmark

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PALOS VERDES: If 1920s-era photos of grown men crawling around a table, building a diorama perk you up, check out this Flicker set. It was uploaded by a group called Palos Verdes Local History: "This image shows interior view of unidentified office building with diorama of Palos Verdes under construction...Howard H. Towle (1891-1972), an early salesperson in the Palos Verdes Project, notes in his oral history (Palos Verdes Local History Room, p. 3) at having seen the model installed in the Auditorium Building (also known as the Temple Auditorium) on Fifth Street and Olive across from Pershing Square in downtown Los Angeles in October of 1921, in an early meeting for the development of the Palos Verdes Project." Maybe the modern-day equivalent is a display of downtown's forthcoming Civic Park? [Curbed Staff]

CENTURY CITY: While organic-food loving liberals are boycotting Whole Foods because of CEO John Mackey's controversial Wall Street Journal op-ed, (seriously, what was he thinking?), Ralph's and Food4Less might offer a better BoBo alternative. The grocery stores have teamed with the LA Conservancy for their Community Contribution Program, which donates a portion of the total purchase to the Conservancy.

The Conservancy outlines the sign up process here. Maybe all those boxes of Cheetos and Cherry Garcia could help save the Century Plaza Hotel.
· Buy Groceries, Save a Landmark [LA Conservancy]