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CurbedWire: Balconies Spotted on Spring, Opening for Ritz

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DOWNTOWN: Another nice reader and photog-in-the-making sends us this pic of developer Barry Shy's SB Tower building post-paint job and balcony insertion (pictured above). Interesting. When it opens in a few months, the newly renovated tower at 600 Spring will open up 240 apartments to the Historic Core. [Curbed InBox]

DOWNTOWN: The Downtown News reveals the opening date for the city's most exciting building since, well, we can't remember. The new South Park Ritz-Carlton is opening February 15. Who do we have to sleep with to get on that guest list? We expect to see partying like it's 2005. [Curbed Staff]

We've been hearing rumbles that electrical problems were delaying the opening of the Gold Line extension into East LA until the fall, if not the winter (when Metro is contractually obligated to open the line by the Feds). Well, the Downtown News reports the gossip is indeed true: Metro spokesman Marc Littman tells the newspaper the line won't open until mid-October at the earliest. That's more info than we got from Metro's other spokesman, Jose Ubaldo: "We have not announced an opening date. Forecasts about an opening date would be speculation at this time."


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