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CurbedWire: Pedro Ped-Love, WeHo's New Visual Assault?

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SAN PEDRO: More exciting proposals for the Port area: The Daily Breeze reports that a city-owned parking lot at the intersection of Pacific Avenue and Bluff Place will soon be transformed into a new pedestrian plaza. Look for new walkways, curbs, sidewalks, plants and benches. Construction is scheduled to begin in January on the $750,000 project and completed by spring 2010.

WEST HOLLYWOOD: A reader informs us that the mega, Blade Runner-esque billboard that was granted approval by the city of West Hollywood for the 9000 Sunset building may be going up at this very moment (our first guess as to what it's shilling is that Courteney Cox cougar show). No pics yet, so if you're inching along the Strip this evening, please point that iPhone skyward. UPDATE: A kind reader informs us the ad is for the Sunset Strip Music Festival. Rock on.