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Northeast LA Denizens Not Digging 710 Tunnel Study Soil Testing

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The perennial debate surrounding the expansion of the 710 has now spilled over into more Northeast LA neighborhoods, including Glassell Park, Mt. Washington, Highland Park, Eagle Rock, and a large swath of El Sereno. As soil testing concluded last week for the 710 Tunnel Technical Study, a “route-neutral” study commissioned by Metro and Caltrans to find the best way to connect the 710 and 210 freeways by means of a tunnel, neighborhood residents were mobilizing and vocalizing, getting ready for the good fight. As EGP reports, since Senator Gil Cedillo has spearheaded SB 545 through the Assembly Transportation Committee, the tunnel option is taking priority over any other potential option, deemed as the least disruptive to the communities in question. Various neighborhood groups disagree however, and citizenry have been furiously rallying to make their voice heard. The Mt. Washington Association mapped out the various potential routes for interested readers, one of which has the tunnel popping out right by the Fresh-n-Easy in Eagle Rock. Caltrans representative Deborah Harris points out that “it is important for the public to know that there is no route?All we are doing is testing [soil, rock, groundwater, seismic activity, etc.]. Everyone wants information but right now it’s important to know that we are just testing the soil.” Caltrans will report their findings (which will not include a ranking system or comparison of the routes) early next year, probably in January 2010. [Image via WhereRoadsMeet]--Haily Zaki
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