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West Hollywood SoHo House Approved, Neighbors Bummed

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Beautiful people start prepping your giant sunhats and superior attitudes: the West Hollywood City Council unanimously approved the Luckman Building SoHo House project last night and denied an appeal filed by the Beverly Hills West Hollywood Neighborhood Association. The meeting last night was lively, by ABC7's account--several neighbors and Beverly Hills Mayor Nancy Krasne spoke against the project; West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Sharon Sandow and at least one resident were all for it.

The neighborhood association appeal concerned objections to most everything in the approved Environmental Impact Report, saying it "downplays direct and cumulative impacts on noise, traffic, parking, public safety, and aesthetics," and didn't "analyze either a Soho House without a rooftop component or off-site locations for the Soho House component." The city argued that the location was uniquely suited to SoHo House, that parking was handled appropriately (it will be off-site at 9201 Sunset), and that the plan might increase crime, but the types of crimes will be "typical of problems experienced in existing residential neighborhoods in the project area." Their point-by-point rebuttal is here.

ABC7 quotes SoHo House reps saying they will respond to neighbors' concerns, and that they'll be building a "a six-and-half foot glass wall around the perimeter of the building and a landscape buffer to further deflect noise."

The complete SoHo House plan includes a remodel of the top two floors of the Luckman Building at 9200 Sunset for the club, and a remodel of the ground floor into a spa, retail, and restaurant space. WeHo also plans to create a dedicated right turn lane from eastbound Sunset onto Cory Avenue and one dedicated left turn lane and one shared left turn lane from northbound Cory onto Sunset for easier travel between the Luckman and its parking.
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